Rose - Let AI Do That

Research faster with Rose

Hey there, have you heard of Rose? It’s a pretty cool AI-powered tool that acts as your personal stylist! Essentially, Rose uses artificial intelligence to help you put together outfits that match your personal style and preferences.

How does it work, you ask? Well, first you answer a few questions about your fashion preferences, such as what types of clothes you like to wear and what colors you prefer. Then, you upload photos of some of your favorite outfits, so that Rose can get a better sense of your style.

Based on your input, Rose uses machine learning algorithms to create personalized recommendations for outfits that match your preferences. You can then shop for the recommended outfits directly through the app, or save them for later.

One of the things I really like about Rose is that it can help you put together outfits using clothes you already own, as well as recommend new pieces that you might like. Plus, the more you use the app, the better it gets at understanding your style and preferences.

So if you’re looking for a little extra help in the fashion department, give Rose a try! It’s like having your own personal stylist right in your pocket.